Bass Camp is excited to announce EOTO Live and The M Machine Live with special guest SuperVision from PrettyLights Music, for an amazing night of EDM in the Grand Theatre at the GrandSierra Resort & Casino in Reno, NV on Saturday, March 15. This will be an electric night of stunninglights and sound as EOTO performs completely live and improvised EDM! An offspring project of the famedThe String Cheese Incident, EOTO is known for their incredible on-the-fly livesets where everything is 100% improvised. With the addition of live drums,guitars, keyboards, and vocals, everything is mixed as they go creating aunique set and sound, with a new result every night they perform. Enhancing theexperience is the addition of stunning visuals and light show that take overthe stage and engross the audience. A creation of drummers Michael Travis andJason Hann, party-goers can expect one of the best late night dance parties inthe country from this duo with the blended sounds of dubstep, breakbeat, house,drum & bass, and trip-hop. EOTO’s live set feeds completely off the energyof the crowd, providing a truly unique, intimate and almost indescribableexperience between the artist and audience. The M Machine Live, an electronicmusic trio from San Francisco. Having performed for big name festivals acrossthe world stage, this group produces an all-encompassing show with their owndesign, construction and performance of live visuals on a massive LED screen.Also performing is special guest SuperVision from Pretty Lights Music who has aunique take all his own, pairing his massive music collection to some of the harderhitting drums and adding in advanced effects for a one-of-a-kind electro hiphop sound. Don’t miss this incredible danceparty with EOTO Live, The M Machine Live, and SuperVision on Saturday, March 15!