Dear #campers:

Greetings from Bass Camp HQ in South Lake Tahoe! Since last year’s Bass Camp Festival IV, the management team has been working very hard throughout the year to scout for a permanent location for this coming Summer’s annual outdoor event scheduled for July. The good news is we found it and have been working with an area ski resort and their team to design a festival location that had every element we’ve been looking for, including on-site camping, natural grass turf, infrastructure for car parking, RV/Trailer parking, lots of room for multiple stages, and best of all very little residential areas nearby so we can go later into the night with music. This site has so much potential and both the Bass Camp team, and the resort desire a long-term relationship so we can build this event into something iconic for years to come.

Now the bad news. As you all know, this past winter has been one of the biggest snowfall years in recorded history in Lake Tahoe. The snow is still falling, and we gained eight more inches of fresh powder at the resort this past weekend on top of their record measurements with more moisture coming this week. It was determined by the engineers and local authorities that even if it all melted from now until July (which they doubt it will all melt), the amount of ground moisture caused by the massive amounts of snowfall will cause large pools of water, and the grounds at the base of the resort would be so saturated that it couldn’t support the weight of our mainstage, and other build-outs planned for BCF5. We have searched franticly for alternative locations that could host us this year due to this unforeseen circumstance, but the length of time it would take to get approvals and permits for the site would not work with our timelines. We want the Bass Camp Festival experience to be heaven on earth in the most beautiful setting on the planet, Lake Tahoe. We all know that presenting the festival on asphalt in a parking lot was not that experience the past two years, and going back to anything but a grass park or field was not going to be an option for us. The whole Bass Camp brand was built on being on grass, in a magical, serene, and gorgeous location, so rather than risking losing even more faithful #campers by hosting BCF5 in a parking lot again, we have no choice but to take this year off and use the time to focus on the infrastructure for the new site, building new, fun elements throughout this coming year, and making Bass Camp Festival a world-renowned brand that will attract electronic music fans to Lake Tahoe from all parts of the planet.

Now for some good news! We are getting ready to announce several large dance music events this Summer and Fall with major headliners. We have Shiba San w/Justin Jay next Friday night, May 19, at Cargo Reno. We are planning an indoor Bass Camp Festival 5th Year Anniversary Party in July with a major headliner, and a huge back-to-school party in August. We are also working on a massive collaboration with another huge electronic music promoter to present a Halloween Festival and Costume Ball on Friday, October 27 in Reno (save the date..don’t make other plans for Halloween weekend). Bass Camp Presents will continue to bring you the best national headliners, DJ’s, Producers to the region throughout the year, and will make announcements about Bass Camp Festival 2018 as we continue to build that event.

For those people who bought Early Bird tickets to the festival, you can either request a full refund through the Eventbrite page, or bank your funds and apply some or all of it toward any of our upcoming Bass Camp events, including the Halloween Festival coming up in October, or even bank it for Bass Camp Festival 5 next summer, which will be the biggest and best location we’ve had since we started. If you decide to bank your ticket(s) for next year’s event, we will honor the price you paid for the ticket for admission even if our ticket price goes up.

We are so disappointed with these circumstances, but Mother Nature has other plans for us this year. We want to thank each one of our faithful #campers for supporting the Bass Camp brand throughout the year, and look forward to announcing more great shows to the region shortly.

With every good wish, I am

Sincerely yours,

Paul Reder

Founder/CEO Bass Camp Festival, Inc.